Vineyard & Winery Services

One World Winery Consulting can provide your winery just about any wine-related service you may need. Whether it’s help, advice or simply a point in the right direction, with 16+ years in the cold climate wine business, we can definitely help you. Please call us at (231) 357-2556 or email

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Here are some of the services we can provide

Determination of viability of new vineyard sites including appropriate varietal selection for any given vineyard site.

Assistance with vineyard management options and vineyard equipment selection

Guidance in all aspects of winery set up, from conception through design to completion. This includes equipment selection for your specific winery needs, ordering of equipment,  working with contractors and suppliers to achieve the best deal along with the right equipment for the specific application.

Support new wineries in the development of their wine programs, setting up product lines, providing assistance new wineries from crush though bottling, to ensure varietally correct  wines, with clean fermentations, stable wines with long shelf life and direct wines in the desired stylistic direction that the winery owner is seeking.

plumsAssist with acquisition of fruit when available: wine grapes, cherries or any other desired fruit for  wine production. We have contacts throughout the Midwest and country for wine fruit.

Work with existing wineries to clean up problem wines, start new product lines, provide vineyard advice to achieve premium and reserve wines, late harvest wines and ice wines.

Help find temporary or permanent labor for vineyard and winery with industry-skilled help.

Provide custom winemaking at a state-of-the-art new winery production facility with the capability to produce any wine at a set case price, with our fruit or yours. What kind of wines can we make? Just about anything you can dream up:

  • Reserve barrel fermented full ML Chardonnay to an unwooded fruit forward style Chardonnay
  • Dry, Semi Dry, Select Harvest, Late Harvest and Ice Rieslings
  • Reds, Whites, Rosé or blendsMeads, hard cider, perry and any grape based fruit wine, or 100% fruit wine
  • Carbonated, or still Wines

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